CLUB Weisenheimer Impuls: Let’s Talk Digital – Event 

Following our event in January 2018, our Club Weisenheimer Impuls Event will deal with digitalization in mobility and fashion.

Following our event in January 2018, our Club Weisenheimer Impuls Event will deal with digitalization in mobility and fashion. 

Event: Let´s talk digital on mobility and fashion

Date: Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Start: 16:30 prallel Working Group Talks /18:00 Keynotes and Panel Discussion / 19:00 Networking Reception

Venue: Weisenheimer Hub (Walfischgasse 8/DG/34, A-1010 Wien)
Due to tight room capacities invitation to the working group talks and keynotes will be based on personal invitation, which will be sent in the next two weeks.

Digitalization has become a vital part of everyone’s life. However, it is also increasingly shaping the way we design our way of life and intensely also how to do business. Moreover, digitalization has a strong impact on sustainability, as shown by the examples in the Mobility and Fashion industry. The progressive digitization of the economy and market communication, both in B2C and in B2B, is almost unstoppable and leads to a change in the processes previously used.

Therefore, the Club Weisenheimer IMPULSE would like to use these developments as an opportunity to invite selected guests to working group talks & keynote session, where these current future trends and developments will be discussed with key experts in the field of digitization.

Thereby new ideas and ways for an applied digitized marketing and sales strategy should arise. And this is the usual Demuth Business Partner manner – as multi-layered, informative and connected as much as possible.

After the keynotes we invite all participants to a networking reception, where Mag. Alexander Hauser will also provide the catering and a beer testing from its own production of the RAXBRÄU.


Vojdan Karpetkovski: How digital marketing will change your business in the most positive way.


Frank Schmid:  Summary from the working group talks and how digitalization effects sustainable mobility.

Sebastian Retz: How digitalization effects visibility of brands in modern society

Sebastian 150x150

N.N. (textile Industry): how digitalization effects fashion brands and the textile industry