Successful networking and innovative business development through suitable event formats - Club Weisenheimer Impuls Digital Talks 2020

On 30.1.2020 a Club Weisenheimer Impuls took place again in the premises of the Weisenheimer Hub in Vienna. The event was organized by Kara 5 from Skopje together with Demuth Business Partner, supported by Stratum Traffic Engineering, Raxbräu, and Flitsch Leuthner Leiter Rechtsanwälte GmbH. Master brewer and entrepreneur Alexander Hauser (Raxbräu) took care of the catering.

Participants have been amongst others Michael Bibaritsch (Prime consulting/Stratum), Henning Sander-Jensen (Vitronic), Bartlomiej Tkaczyk (Traffic Services), Michael Bredehorn (Swarm Analytics), Christian Schimper (Acticell GmbH), Sebastian Retz (BrandON, Mehrwert), Ulrich Bühlmann (Pühlmann Partner). Norbert Scheele (C&A) and Leopold Decloedt (Connect Language Services).

During the parallel workshops in the fields of transport and textiles, it was discussed, for example, that many companies in the industry often do not provide adequate answers to the question "What does the customer really want", although there are technical possibilities to obtain information online and offline in stationary trade by means of digital solutions and to control customer flows in a meaningful way. This goes far beyond the topic of price differentiation.

Just as people change, so do the fits, or rather, they are also regionally quite different. This can also be captured through the use of digital technologies. In the sense of a lived sustainability, only those textiles should be produced which are saleable, i.e. which are really wanted by the customers. Storage must be further reduced, as these may have become unaffordable for the fashion industry as well. Free returns and unnecessary delivery attempts are the components in online trade that are detrimental to sustainability and must be avoided to a large extent.

Textile Workshop

The Mobility Workshop discussed topics such as tolling systems on first class road networks and in European cities, as well as intelligent transport systems (ITS) and their operation in Europe. Michael Bredehorn, CEO of Swarm Analytics, presented among others his products. However, these are not only applicable in traffic, but also in retail and fashion.

After the workshops there were lectures by Vojdan Karpetkovski (Kara5), Martina Zafirovska (Fabricca), Norbert W. Scheele (C&A), Sebastian Retz (Mehrwert, BrandOn) and Leopold Decloedt (Connect-Sprachenservice).

Leopold Decloedt

Leopold Decloedt was able to clearly convey in his lecture that the internationally successful implementation of digital marketing strategies does not only require a profane translation into another language. Successful multilingual websites combine digital competence with human expertise. Only multilingual websites that are found and understood by the target group lead to the desired sustainable success in international competition. Thanks to the strategic partnership with the leading strategy, creative and technology agency Kara5 Switzerland, the translations provided by Connect-Sprachenservice GmbH are not only distinguished by linguistic professionalism. Foreign-language keyword research and success-oriented search engine-oriented linguistic optimisation, taking into account the cultural specifics and search habits of the target groups targeted, ensure that the message, product or service is found more easily, understood correctly and thus perceived and remembered more effectively.

Leopold Decloedt is convinced of the Club Weisenheimer Impuls, which has been held for the first time in January 2018 by Demuth Business Partner: "This was the second time that Connect-Sprachenservice GmbH was present at the Weisenheimer Hub with a keynote speech.

This time, too, it was shown that small events with up to 40 guests are an ideal format for networking. Workshops on selected topics, in which representatives of different industries participate, combined with short lectures are a good opportunity to develop new ideas and to think about new cooperation..."

From left: Ulrich Bühlmann, Franz Rankl, Christoph Demuth

Bühlmann Partner and Demuth Business Partner decided in January 2020 to enter into a more far-reaching cooperation in the field of redevelopment (Bühlmann, Rankl) and business development (Demuth) and sealed it accordingly during the event.

The next event shall take place in June 2020.