Demuth Business Partner GmbH was founded in 2004 and has its origins in the marketing of its own patents. In 2013, the company became part of the Norwegian Toll Chargers Bro og Tunnelselskapet AS in Bergen, which today operates under the name Ferde AS.

In the course of the impending nationalisation, BT Signaal withdrew from the markets of Central and Eastern Europe in 2014 and Demuth Business Partner was taken over by the previous minority shareholders Dr Christoph Demuth and DI Franz Rankl.

The company retained its stake in the Macedonian design and creative company BTS Art Faktori DOO in Skopje, which now operates on the market under the "Fabricca" brand. In the course of a toll project in Russia, the company acquired a stake in Stratum Traffic Engineering GmbH, a subsidiary of the Tallinn-based engineering firm Stratum OÜ, which specialises in traffic, and Prime Consulting, which is based in Baden near Vienna.

In 2017, the company moved to the Weisenheimer Hub to join Weisenheimer Legal in Vienna.

In 2018, DD Garment Solutions, based in Gmund am Tegernsee, was founded together with Dorfmeister Projektentwicklung GmbH, also based in Vienna. Furthermore, in 2020, the company took a stake in sharedforces GmbH, which specialises in start-up consulting and the investment in start-ups.

In the meantime, some consulting projects in industrial manufacturing have also been successfully carried out in Germany and Austria, among others at Alu Fix.

Franz A. Rankl (Partner) and Christoph N. Demuth (Managing Partner)